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Constitution of AEH

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Many people in Europe experience limitations in their participation in social and economic life because of physical, psychological or sensory impairments. Their needs are never really met. AEH was created in 1979 in Luxembourg on the basis of the recognition that a policy aimed at improving disabled people’s life and participation in the society should be built up at European level.

AEH is a grouping of organisations that are actively involved in the representation of the interests of people with disabilities. All these organisations have their legal siege in a European country.

AEH has no link with a political party nor with a religious belief. It is governed by a board of volunteers composed by a president, three vice-presidents, a treasurer and members.

Members of the Board:

Members of the Board
Members of the Board of AEH at the general meeting in 2009 - from left to right: Kurt Öhe, Hannelore Loskill, Marie-José Schmitt, Werner Kubitza, Willi-Klaus Benesch, Marion Kamper, Lieke Zaeyen-Kuijken, Pierre Gyselinck, Ulrike Mascher (President), Theo Heijne, Walter Hirrlinger (Honorary President)

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