AEH - Study of AEH - Determination of Disability and needs in Europe 2007

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Study of AEH - Determination of Disability and needs in Europe 2007

In 2007 the AEH has made a study on the current process of recognition of disability and on the assessment of these person’s needs.

Being recognised as a person with a disability is key issue as rights, access to services and compensation that are protecting people against discrimination and facilitating their participation in the life of the society are depending on this recognition. The study was intended to find out whether the process of recognition, as such, is respecting the person’s rights and is really promoting his/her social visibility.

The study gives an overview of the situation in 15 EU Member States with similarities and huge differ-ences. Key points of this study were the process for recognition and assessment of disability, the pos-sibilities of redress against the decisions made during this process, the consequences of this recogni-tion on employment as well as the position of family carers. We have developed a questionnaire to be filled out by several people with disabilities or other persons well aware of the situation of people with disabilities in the different countries.

Professor Serge Ebersold, sociologist at the University of Strasbourg, supported this study.

The study shows that the states from where data were collected have as a goal to secure human rights and participation in the society but that the ways for reaching such aim are very different. The focus is still on a medical assessment that is dominated by a negative orientation towards incapacities and on an evaluation peoples working capacity. The authors underline that a harmonization of the ways for promoting inclusion should be based on a positive approach by implementing the ICF (International Classification of Functioning) developed and adopted by the WHO as well as the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. This would help drafting efficient regulations against discrimination at EU level.

The full study is to be found here:

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