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• News from the Council of Europe
• Conference in Dublin - Promoting Human Rights of Persons with disabilities: Ambitions, Impact and Challenges ahead
Content: News from the Council of Europe
• The Council of Europe has accepted the Collective Complaint lodged by AEH against France concerning the lack of education for persons with autism ( Complaint N° 81/2012)
• Within the “Coalition barrier free world” the federal organisation of persons with throat operation requests for persons with voice and speech impairment or difficulties for breathing the effective realisation of a barrier free environment.
• About the implementation of article 9, 10 and 15 European Social Charter;
• What is happening in Europe? Point of view from a citizen of Eastern Europe
12th AEH General Assembly
• Council of Europe: Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers on the rights of girls and women with disabilities
• Germany: Increasing poverty of elderly persons and persons with disabilities
• Updating of the TSI PRM: AEH asks for more improvements
• EU rules on human medical experimentation of pharmaceuticals: AEH advocates that no change should be brought to the level of safeguard of persons with disabilities
• Appendix: AEH position paper on combating difficulties of elderly or disabled European citizens
• Present policy for people with disabilities
Austria, Germany, the Netherlands
• European Social Charter: AEH right to submit collective complaints has been extended;
• Value added tax: AEH advocates for maintaining low rates for people with disabilities;
• Evolution of the policy for people with disabilities in the EU States
• Democracy in danger
• People with disabilities: Employment and Accessibility
• The present crisis and Human Rights in Europe
• Some news to all members of AEH -
What happened during this summer 2009;
• Att. Poverty Proposals made by the Conference of INGOs
• Position paper about poverty - 11th AEH General Assembly 12 June 2009
• Ms Ulrike Mascher becomes new President of AEH
• AEH has taken part in different events in the last weeks among which the most important are
• Resolution of the EU Parliament; quotation of some articles
• EU-Commission proposes a directive on non-discrimination in all life domains;
• One week in Hungary with EFOEZ
• About non-discrimination
• News from the UN;
• News from Finland - A new disability policy;
• Directive on transport by bus Implementation problems in Germany
• The charter of fundamental rights of the European Union and the European Agency for fundamental rights (FRA);
• The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
• Spain - "For the promotion of the independence and care of people with substantial dependency needs" Law 39/2006;
• Germany - Conference on "Education, Employment, Equal Opportunities - Empowering Persons with Disabilities"
• Introduction: The UN Convention in the light of equalization of opportunities
• UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities

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