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Main issues tackeld by AEH

AEH is working for

  • The holistic and sustainable social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Awareness raising of the authorities and oft he society in general on the problems faced by people with disabilities so as to eliminate prejudice and fears

AEH fulfils this task among others by influencing European legislation and by working together with European and international bodies and organizations.

For so doing, AEH is one of the founding members of the European Disability Forum (EDF) that is working as a consultative body with the European Commission and other institutions in social policy for people with disabilities. AEH does contribute to this exchange of information on problems arising at European or state’s level and makes proposals for solving these problems.

AEH is a member of the International Non Governmental Organisations (INGOs) having a participative status at the Council of Europe and is contributing tin the area of Human Rights, Health and the European Social Charter. AEH has been recognised as one of the organisations having a right to submit collective complaints within the framework of the Social Charter.

AEH has organised several European Conferences and Seminars – for example in the area of employment for people with disabilities or of inclusion of people with mental health problems.

AEH is producing about three or four times a year a newsletter with information on the development of social policy in the different States.

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